Marley loves to spend time with his people! As his pictures show, he loves getting belly rubs, and he’s also happy to just be around. If I’m on the couch reading, he’ll be hanging out right next to me, and it’s really sweet to have him there.

Since COVID restrictions lifted, Marley’s gotten to meet more people, and he’s always delighted to make new friends. He’ll greet them at the door, tail wagging.

Recently, when we’ve left for work, we’ve been leaving him out of his crate and distracting him with treats. We’ll wrap the treats up in a towel so he has to work to get them. While he’s distracted, we leave. That seems to be working well, since he doesn’t bark when we leave and doesn’t destroy anything while we’re gone.

He’s been enjoying puzzle games, like the treats-in-a-towel trick or hide-and-seek, which is exactly what it sounds like–I’ll hide in the other room with a treat and call him, and he’ll come and search for me. As the weather gets colder, and long walks aren’t possible anymore, we’ll be doing lots more brain games indoors!


Marley just spent three weeks with a sitter and came home with a stellar report card! Here’s what his sitter had to say about him:

“Marley was great! He did excellent with the kids, dogs, and cats. He ignored the cats, and played really well with the dogs and kids. He slept in his crate in our room all night, and had zero accidents while at our house. He did really well in our fenced-in yard and on walks! He listened and came when called.

While food- and treat- motivated, he didn’t seem aggressive (although he did eat separately due to a resident dog being food aggressive). He shared his toys and played with them with another dog in the house. He really loved chasing and carrying around squeaky tennis balls!

Marley would wait by the window for the kids to come home from camp each day, and he loved snuggling up with them on the couch or their bed. During the day, he would lay in the sun or under my desk and sleep quite a bit; taking a few breaks to run around the yard and play with the resident dogs.

Marley did not like it when I tried to pick him up, so we would leash him and walk him to his crate when he wasn’t in the mood to go on his own, and he allowed us to lead him without protest.

We had a few days of rain and storms, and Marley is not a fan. These were the days that we walked him a few extra times because he didn’t want to go outside in the rain, and he preferred to stay in his crate or under blankets during storms.

While he has separation anxiety, he would only bark and whine and was not destructive if left out of his crate while we ran out for a short time. (That was with dogs in the house, might be different if completely alone.) If I had to run somewhere, I would often bring Marley (when possible), as he is great in cars and seems to enjoy rides. He rode well in the back of the SUV, and also sat nicely on his seat when allowed up front.

Marley is a wonderful dog that we really enjoyed having stay with us!”


Marley has been a great companion while his foster mom works from home, bringing smiles to both her and her coworkers, who say he seems like an adorable, chill fellow (which he is!).

He’s also been loving the warm weather! He’s been going on longer walks, including outings to a grassy field across the street (downtown), where he loves to sniff around and say hello to other local dogs.

He’s made progress on his weight loss goal and looks trimmer by the week. He’s also made strides in improving his separation anxiety; his foster mom takes brief walks in the morning and leaves him at home out of his crate, and when she listens from outside to hear if he makes noise, she doesn’t hear any barking (he does still bark when left alone in his crate).


Marley spends much of the day sleeping on the couch or in a sunbeam. One of his favorite spots lately has been our deck, where he gets the triple-bonus of sunshine, fresh air, and people-watching. If you pick up his leash, he’ll bounce around happily till you put it on. He goes for three 15-minute walks and a couple short potty trips every day. Marley is a smart guy who will sit and lay down on command!

Marley loves to meet new people! Every stranger is a friend. He’ll wag his tail and ask for pets right away.

Marley’s previous owners said that he didn’t like sharing attention with their two-year-old, so he’d do best in a home without small children.

He is pretty low-maintenance and likes to sleep a lot of the time. He will gladly go for a 20 minute walk. On walks, he will walk next to you pretty consistently, although he sometimes gets distracted by other dogs or interesting-smelling grass and needs to be prompted back into walking!

Marley is good with other dogs and enjoys dog parks. When he meets other dogs on a walk, he’s good with them–no barking or lunging, just curiosity.  Marley has no exposure to cats.

Marley has separation anxiety and has been barking when left alone in the apartment. He will need training to become comfortable being left alone.

The vet noted Marley’s ideal weight is 28-30 lbs. He’ll need help shedding a few pounds with some extra playtime. Marley is due for a dental in the next 1-2 years. In the mean time, he can eat dental treats to help limit any new plaque.

Marley is a relaxed and friendly companion who loves to snuggle on the couch and spend time with his people!

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