Our Firm

More than 48 years combined experience practicing Wisconsin family law

We know you have many choices in selecting an attorney. Many lawyers are generalists and practice a variety of areas of law. At Forward Legal Services, we practice exclusively family law and nothing else.

Both partners, Christopher Krimmer and Kimberly Ripp, have been practicing family law for over 29 years. Over the decades of experience, they have represented thousands of clients in family law matters and have addressed almost every issue that may arise in a divorce. Christopher and Kimberly are Madison-based, but have expanded their firm into Sun Prairie, now employing associates, junior partners, and legal support staff ranging in experience from 3-12 years. 

Although we have represented many clients, we know that this is likely your first experience getting divorced and that you are more than just a client but a person who is facing all of these legal, financial and emotional issues for the first time. We strive to alleviate any anxiety or concerns a client may have about the divorce by answering all of your questions and keeping you fully informed of the progress of your case.

Our Firm

More than 48 years combined experience practicing Wisconsin family law

Our Madison Office

Our Sun Prairie Office

We think in decades & generations

Our attorneys are not only focused on a fair and equitable conclusion of your case but how we can set the stage for you as you go forward into this new chapter in your life with the security and confidence that you will thrive. 

Practicing Wisconsin Family Law for 24 years

Experience matters.  At Forward Legal Services, you are hiring an attorney who has decades of legal experience practicing in all aspects of divorce and family law. 

We get to know each client

Our small team of attorneys and paralegals is practical, personal and deeply experienced in family and divorce law issues. We familiarize ourselves with your needs and desired outcomes, then work toward securing those outcomes.

Mission & Philosophy

Our mission: To assist every client in creating a better future.

The mission of Forward Legal Services is to create a foundation and pathway for our clients to go into the future confidently. We are committed to providing each and every client with the benefit of our experience, knowledge, compassion and advocacy. It is our objective to earn your trust, respect and loyalty. We believe we can achieve these objectives by providing a client with comprehensive legal services that include honest assessments, strong advocacy, strategic legal advice, and creative legal solutions.


Our Core Values

We strive to provide excellent legal services to our clients by:

Bettering Our Community

Our values extend beyond our work as lawyers and include contributing to the betterment of our shared community. As business owners, we believe we have a social responsibility as stewards of our community to support causes that we value, admire and appreciate. As a client of Forward Legal Services, you are also helping make this happen. Forward Legal Services contributes a percentage of our firm collections to animal rescues and animal welfare, including but not limited to, Fetch and Dane County Humane Society.

Pets bring so much joy and happiness to so many people, including so often our clients going through challenging times, that we want to support organizations that provide adoption services, veterinarian care, and the protection and safety of so many dogs, cats, and other animals in our community.

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