Mediation & Arbitration

Resolving cases outside of court whenever possible.

All of the attorneys at Forward Legal Services are proponents of resolving cases outside of Court whenever possible and appropriate.  The litigation process in the courtroom is often very taxing emotionally and financially on clients and their children.

Mediation or arbitration offers an opportunity to minimize or alleviate the harmful effects of divorce by having everyone commit to a process outside of Court in reaching a resolution or settlement.

Attorney Christopher Krimmer, and other team members at Forward Legal, provide services as an Arbitrator when clients have attorneys but are looking for a prompt, private resolution to their pending divorce matter.

We would be happy to discuss with you all the benefits of mediation or arbitration over that of litigating in Court.  And, of course, there are also some important concessions and considerations we will advise you about in selecting these processes over having “your day in court.”  On balance, however, most clients will find that mediation and arbitration provides the best and most affordable process in resolving their case.

Mediation & Arbitration

Resolving cases outside of court whenever possible

What is Mediation?

In mediation, a mediator will work with the parties and their attorneys in coming up with settlement ideas.  If we are able to reach an agreement in mediation, a Marital Settlement Agreement or Stipulated Order will be drafted, signed by the parties, and later submitted to the Court.   If we are unable to reach an agreement in mediation, we will proceed with litigation or arbitration, but your rights as a client are not adversely impacted by trying to resolve the issues in arbitration.  In fact, there is often a good deal of value in participating in mediation even if it does not result in a settlement. 

What is Arbitration?

If the client wants the certainty of an outcome at the end of the mediation process, the parties to the case could agree to mediation-arbitration.  The arbitration component of this process assures that even if we are unable to reach an agreement on our own through mediation, the arbitrator in your case will have the authority to issue a binding decision on any remaining disputed issues.   

Our Process

A majority of our cases will settle in mediation.

In addition to representing clients in mediation and arbitration, our attorneys can also serve as the mediator in your case.  In our mediations, we generally will meet with the parties and if they are represented by counsel, their attorneys in one room for a brief five minute introduction.  

We then will separate each party and his or her attorney, if represented, into two rooms. We will then spend the mediation going back-and-forth between each room with settlement ideas and proposals until we reach an agreement or we have reached an insurmountable impasse. 

M&A for Family Law

Attorney Christopher Krimmer also serves as an Arbitrator in family law cases.

Christopher’s approach to the arbitration process is similar to the mediation process above, but if the parties want the certainty of an outcome or decision at the end of the day, he will take the case under advisement and issue a binding decision on the disputed issues.

This arbitration component provides the parties with confidentiality regarding the circumstances of their marriage or parenting, , informality in the process where conversations occur versus cross examinations, and , and cost savings over the significant cost of a contested trial. Due to the Arbitrator’s decision being binding on the parties, Attorney Krimmer provides arbitration services only if both parties are represented by legal counsel.

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