Tank was in a loving home with his brothers until his owner unfortunately passed away. He is so sweet and affectionate and hoping to find his new forever home for the holidays!

Tank has a super outgoing and bubbly personality. He adores everyone he meets and thrives on being the center of attention. He recently attended a busy Fetch event and did fantastic! He loved meeting all the new people and mostly ignored all the big dogs around to get to the humans.

Tank is in a foster home with his brother, three other small-breed dogs, and a cat. He doesn’t understand the concept of personal space and will invade the other dogs’ space to get some attention from his foster people. One of the resident dogs initially had a problem with this but it has improved as they worked out their boundaries. No resource guarding with food or toys has been observed.

He is a lower- to medium-energy dog but still has quite a bit of spunk for his age. Tank would just need a shorter walk a day and plays often independently with his toys, the favorite being stuffed animal-type toys. Tank has done well on leash walks in a suburban environment. Otherwise he likes to cuddle close on the couch. Tank has done well riding in the car too!

He’s not a huge fan of the crate but has learned to sleep there at night. He does some barking when left alone. A bark collar has been used and has helped so much. He has made quite a bit of progress in his foster home with accepting the crate.

Tank is non-shedding but will require regular trips to the groomer. He was an excellent boy when recently given a haircut by a Fetch volunteer.

Some medical notes: There was a heart murmur found with Tank which was followed up by an echocardiogram. He was diagnosed with mild degenerative valve disease which is quite common in small dogs. The vet said no medication is needed at this time and many times it may not give dogs problems throughout their lives, although it should be monitored.

As with many older dogs, Tank will need dental cleaning in the next 4-6 months as well.

Tank was positive for Anaplasma in September but is currently not showing any clinical signs. According to the vet, a positive result for Anaplasma on 4DX test just indicates antibodies to this bacteria, not necessarily active infection. However, because Tank is preparing to go up for adoption, in order to avoid the potential for adopting out a dog that may show signs of this disease later, he was given a round of Doxycycline (an antibiotic). Adopters should be aware that future 4DX tests may be positive for Anaplasma due to persistence of antibodies despite treatment; this does not indicate the need for further treatment for this condition unless he is showing signs consistent with this disease (fever, lethargy, inappetence, joint pain, consistent bloodwork abnormalities, enlarged lymph nodes, etc). Remainder of 4DX was negative for heartworm disease and remaining tick-borne disease.

Will you be the one to give this little senior boy a place to call home?

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